30K, 60K, 90K, 120K Services


The 30K and 60K Services are designed to make sure most of the prevenative maintanence is taken care of. This includes most fluids, filters, and several check points outlined by Subaru for each model, year, and even trim level. Brakes and Tires are also inspected for wear during this service.  Because most Subaru’s come with All Wheel Drive we make sure to replace both transmission fluid and front and rear differential fluid (excludes vehicles with CVT Transmissions).  As we follow all Subaru service points, there may be other items specific to your model and year that are needed.  As with any service we offer, we always use our years of experience to go above and beyond the minimum service standards set by Subaru to prevent further problems we have found for each model.


In addition to eveything performed in a 30K or 90K Service, the 60K and 120K Services go a step further to inspect and prevent possible wear items and fluids that need more attention as your vehicle ages.  For example: Your spark plugs may have been in your vehicle since new, and even though they may have been checked before, your higher milage car will benefit from more frequent checks and replacements of thses types of engine and drivetrain consumables.  Updated fluids, or fluids more appropriate for the milage, may be used instead of those in the other services.

It is important to keep your vehicle serviced at least every 30K miles and as recomended by your vehicles manufacturer.  We follow all service  intervals recomended and required by Subaru in addition to itmes specific to each model and year that we have come to know over the years of experience we offer.

Other maintanance Considerations

Timing Belt and Timing Components

Subaru timing belts are one of the key components to your engine running perfectly. Unfortunately, companies that are unfamiliar with the Subaru brand will make the costly mistake of replacing the timing belt without replacing the timing belt components. These components are just as important as the belt itself. Whether you have us replace your timing belt or one of our competitors, please make sure they are replacing the: Timing Belt, Water Pump, Timing Belt Idler Bearings, Timing Belt Tensioner, both Camshaft Seals, and the Front Oil Pump Seal.

Head Gaskets

Do to the design of the Subaru Boxer Engine being horizontally opposed, it has gained the reputation of being prone to head gasket leaks. To combat this problem there are a few key facts that can help prevent this issue and keep your Subaru running great for years to come:

  • Do not use anything other than Subaru OEM coolant. Not all coolants are not compatible with Subarus, and most aftermarket coolants can be corrosive to the head gasket and some parts of the engine.
  • Follow the service manual on when you should have your coolant exchanged.

Let Brown's Performance help keep your Subaru running like it was new